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BVI Scuba Co. twas formed with the mission to provide our diving guests with the most memorable vacation experiences under the water! BVI Eco-tours is our sister company which was created to host short and long term travelers who want to experience all the natural resources the British Virgin Islands have to offer! Whether you are an avid naturalist, a novice snorkeler, a "city slicker", or a marine biologist, our Eco-tours have much to offer for everyone. We focus on bringing the BVI to life by four common themes: Nature, Education, Adventure, History. Of course, the BVI is well known to possess some of the World's most resplendent coral reef eco-systems and, therefore, snorkeling our remote, secret sites must be part of the adventure! On our Eco-tours, we like to combine the boat rides, snorkeling, bird watching, a little hiking, and a good amount of local history, education, and environmental information to give you a comprehensive overview of the BVI from nature's perspective.

Our companies have an endless range of guided and self-guided activities, as you will see by looking through our web site. Our professional guides will take you to extraordinary areas and show you highlights that are unique to the BVI, whether Scuba diving or on an Eco-tour. Whether your pleasure is to discover the sea’s underwater beauty, to just skim the surface for some great fish or just to dip your feet in the warm waters while staring at the sunset, there are plenty of ways for you to experience our natural beauty.

Our Island-style Atmosphere. . . We want you to have a good time, be relaxed and enjoy! You traveled all these miles to treat yourself to a great week of vacation, and this is all based on good times and relaxing in a fun, cordial atmosphere with smiles all around you. We guarantee that every activity you do with us for a day, you will get smiles, laughter, humor, and great help. We put together all the ingredients for you: friendly and knowledgeable staff, professional boats and equipment, excellent music, relaxing attitudes, a Band-Aid for a blister on your toe, suggestions about what restaurant to eat at that night, all the help you need. . . we are at your service. You really need to experience a day with us to understand the incredible dialogue and interaction that takes place between all on board. We see our guests always carrying on with each other, having fun, joking and having a great time. At night, you will reflect back and say, "what an incredible day, this is life as it should be".

Our environment is ideal for families and well catered for kids. Here you can getaway from daily cares while your children are being entertained by one of our kids activities. And not only because of the activities, but the quiet nature of the BVI's, easy going locals, our calm waters, all make the islands very friendly and safe. Guests inclined toward the water will be exposed to some of the best coral reefs in the Caribbean in a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing atmosphere. Divers, snorkelers, adventurers and leisure travelers alike will feel equally at home with our professional, courteous service, and ecologically minded staff.