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The PADI Adventure Diver Course was developed for certified divers who want to increase their experience level and learn more about specific areas of scuba diving from our professional PADI Instructors. This course is perfect for those who would like to move to the next level of certification, but are limited in regards to time. The Adventure Diver course is a performance based program that involves no exams and is usually completed in just one day! Getting certified as an Adventure Diver is easy and fun! All you need to do is complete any three of the Specialty Dives we offer, read their appropriate summaries, and you will see your experience level and confidence soar! Little by little, the ant climbs the hill. You’re going to dive on this trip anyway, why not move up to the next level of diving in just one adventurous day of your vacation!!!

All Instruction and dives just $200.00!

These specialty dives are offered in the Adventure Diver program:
Underwater Naturalist, Wreck Diver, Boat Diver, Underwater Navigator, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Photography, Night Diver, Search and Recovery Diver, Multilevel Diver, Deep Diver

Once you are certified as a PADI Adventure Diver, you'll only need to complete two more dives to be fully certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. So get started!

Course Standards:
Prerequistite certification: Open Water or Junior Open Water Certified
Minimum age: 15 (10 for Jr. Certification)
Diving: 3 Open Water Dives!



Highly recommended for all scuba divers, the PADI Advanced Course is a great way to learn about and experience new diving opportunities under the close supervison of an Instructor. This course affords you the opportunity to get more advanced SCUBA training in 5 different specialty dives over a 2 day period. Your two required dives are a DEEP DIVE (minimum 70 feet) and a NAVIGATION DIVE. You have your choice for the other 3 dives, known as ELECTIVE dives, which include: Night Dive, Underwater Naturalist, Boat Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Photography, Multilevel Dive, Search and Recovery, Wreck Dive, Underwater Photography.

The PADI Advanced Diver Course is a great opportunity to fine tune your diving skills and increase your overall confidence as a diver while experiencing some of the most interesting of scuba adventures. This is another performance based program and there is no exam.

If you are already certified as a PADI Adventure Diver, you'll only need to complete two more specialty dives (deep dive and navigation dive) to be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver!

This course is also a step toward continuing your education with the PADI Rescue Diver and the PADI Divemaster course.

Course Standards:
Prerequiste certification: PADI Open Water or Equivalent
Minimum Age: 15 (or 12 for Junior Certification)
Diving: 5 Adventure Dives