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Virgin Gorda


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Virgin Gorda Circumnavigation Of Tortola and all the south shore British Virgin Islands

This trip will make your vacation!!!

We like to run the North Shore of Tortola past Guana Island, Marina Cay, the Camanoes, a brief pass through infamous pirate haven Trellis Bay, on our way to beautiful Virgin Gorda. The entire day you will learn about where you are vacationing. . . The British Virgin Islands. . . all about the fish, turtles, and birds we pass, to the amazing history and legends that surround us.

The Baths: Visit one of the "7 Natural Wonders of the World". . . hiking and swimming amongst and through the house size boulders that make the Baths a must see! This is World class snorkeling!!! Lunch can be taken at the restaurant "Top of the Baths". A fabulous destination with a spectacular view of our Caribbean islands, delicious food from burgers to fine West Indian dishes, and, a swimming pool to keep you cool. . . it's affordable and first class!

Cruise through the South Shore islands: Fallen Jerusalem, Round Rock, Ginger island, Cooper Island, Salt Island, Dead Chest Island, Peter Island, Norman Island, Pelican Island, and the Indians. It's "your day" and you call the shots! We stop where you want to and do what you want to do. . . whether it’s snorkeling, hitting island beach bars, or scuba diving.

One stop we hit for sure. . . the island made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. At "The Caves" on Norman Island, we will feed hundreds of fish as we snorkel amongst them!!! It's incredible. . . and remember to bring an underwater camera because no one will believe what you will tell them back home! Next we will swim 100 ft to explore "The Caves" where real pirate treasure has reportedly been discovered. If you want to visit the floating pirate ship bar/restaurant, "The Willy-T", it's just a stone's throw away in the Bight.